Bring Fall Home: An Infographic

How can you create the atmosphere of the autumn season into your interiors? Here’s an infographic that outlines 4 ways to include fall in your home decor.


Fall has its own aesthetic. This is evident when you look outside, or take a walk in the park or other greenspace near to where you live. In the spirit of creating continuity between outdoors and indoors, the impulse to re-create that fall aesthetic inside is pretty compelling, too.

The colors are the first stop on the journey for many. But, for others its about texture, shape, and line, and about creating an atmosphere that involves all of those things. With that as a starting point, here’s an infographic that reflects 4 ways to include that unique spirit of fall in your interiors, based on a piece we published earlier.

Take a look!

BuildDirect_BringFallHome_v1 copy

Your fall home decor favorites

What are your favorite aspects of fall?

Which ones do you include in your home decor?

How do you feel about the idea of creating continuity between inside and out?

Which strategies do you feel don’t work as well?

Tell us all about it in the comments.

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