Bringing Your Garden To Life For Spring

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A new season of gardening and outdoor living is upon us! Here are some ways to encourage your gardens to rise and shine for spring.


Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures have kept you huddled indoors all winter, cuddled up in front of a roaring fire without a thought of your outdoor living and gardening spaces. When the ground starts to thaw and the first sprouts emerge from the soil, however, it’s time to get your outdoor space ready for the entertainment and enjoyment opportunities of spring.

Let there be lighting

The sun provides plenty of illumination for outdoor activities during the day, but the party doesn’t have to stop when twilight arrives. Create small vignettes of battery-operated LED candles for moody, romantic lighting or string twinkle lights between trees in your backyard for a more festive approach.

On the porch, patio, or deck, consider your personal style. If you love all things Hawaiian, for example, install tiki torches around the perimeter. For a more traditional outdoor living area, consider wall sconces or overhead fixtures to brighten the space.

Neglected no more

Snow, wind, and other wintertime weather often makes a mess of outdoor spaces. Your patio is carpeted with dead leaves and stained with mud tracks, so grab the cleaning supplies to make the area habitable again.

You’ll be more likely to use your outdoor space if it’s neat, clean, and inviting. Sweep up or blow out all the debris and wipe down all surfaces with a green cleaning agent, such as white vinegar mixed with water. Throw out any trash that has accumulated in the area then apply a fresh coat of paint to siding, railings, or other areas that look worn.

Green thumb game plan

Determine what plants you would love to grow in your garden, whether you prefer easy-care flowers like sage and peonies or edible herbs like basil and rosemary. If you’re feeling ambitious, you might even plant a vegetable garden.

pots and bulbs gardening gardens

An eye-pleasing mix of in-ground beds, pots, and planters creates an inviting outdoor space that will receive plenty of use. Gather all the supplies you’ll need in advance, from garden hoses and hand rakes to fertilizer and rich topsoil.

Furniture for form and function

Whether you throw lavish parties on the weekends or enjoy quiet nights under the stars with family, seating is essential for any outdoor space. Consider how you use the area before you pull out your credit card, however, to avoid impulse purchases.

A simple patio table with folding chairs might offer sufficient seating for your purposes. If not, consider a conversation set for a trendy and stylish outdoor room. A dining table and chairs might prove valuable if you enjoy cooking meals for al fresco enjoyment.

Texture with textiles

Outdoor spaces can seem cold and hard, but a few textiles will eliminate that obstacle. Throw pillows, outdoor rugs, and weather-resistant wall hangings make a good start. Textiles give an outdoor space personality and warmth, and you might use the space earlier in the year if you can cuddle up under a blanket.

Create an action plan

Getting your outdoor space ready for spring not only ensures you will use it more when warm weather arrives, but it also helps pass the remaining days of cold weather and icy streets. Create an action plan, and then accomplish all the tasks on your list until the space looks just as you envisioned it.


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