Reclaimed Barn Wood Walls on a Budget

barn wood paneling

With the growing popularity of rustic farmhouse design, reclaimed wood has become an oft-used material in home remodeling and building. This unique material is certainly beautiful, but it can also be expensive and difficult to find. You can remedy that problem by installing reclaimed barn wood paneling to enhance any room of your home. This attractive material gives the authentic look and feel of real reclaimed barn wood while staying on budget.

Why Use Barn Wood Paneling?

If you’re longing for a rustic look but don’t have the budget or time, barn wood paneling is a fantastic alternative. This material offers a beautiful, authentic look of reclaimed wood and it’s much easier to install. In fact, there are no tools needed to install some brands of this material. They use a simple peel-and-stick backing while you apply it to a clean, smooth surface. You can also use a nail gun for quick, easy, and secure installation. Another bonus is that this material has a 3D texture that mimics the look and feel of real wood. It’s much easier to maintain and a lot easier to install than wallpaper, too.

The wood has had all the moisture removed so there’s no need to worry about rotting or damage in the future. With real reclaimed wood, you may have to worry about bacteria and moisture that are naturally present in this type of material. Barn wood paneling is a much safer alternative since most products are sustainably raised and harvested in the USA. There are no harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing process. The color variations in barn wood paneling give it an authentic, rustic look that will bring your home tons of character, too.

The Cost of Using Reclaimed Wood vs Barn Wood Paneling

Aside from the benefits of easy installation and authentic material, there are a few cost benefits to using barn wood paneling over reclaimed wood. If you’re trying to update your house on a budget, this alternative material might be a perfect choice. To use reclaimed wood, you first need to find a reliable source. The labor involved in gathering and processing reclaimed wood can be an intensive process, which is why the price is typically higher than barn wood paneling will be. A good example is that real reclaimed wood flooring costs around $8-$11 per square foot or more before installation. That’s more expensive than most tile and even real hardwood.

For barn wood paneling, you’ll find a variation in price that often depends on the thickness, color, and manufacturer that can keep you on your budget. Generally, this material will cost you about $6 to $7 per square foot, which means it’s significantly less than reclaimed wood. It’s also very easy to install, so you will save on labor costs as well. The material is sustainably harvested just like reclaimed wood, but you’ll save a lot of money on the cost of materials needed to install it on your walls or floors.

Using Barn Wood on Your Walls

Thanks to its lightweight construction, you can easily apply barn wood to the walls of any room in your home. It makes a gorgeous focal point in a living room or bedroom. Craft an inviting aura that gives your home a rustic, farmhouse-inspired look and feel. You don’t have to just stick with brown, either. Today’s barn wood paneling comes in a variety of gorgeous colorways that include tones of gray, hints of blue, and a whole lot more. This subtle addition of color creates a visually striking element and a bit of modernity for contemporary homes.

Aside from the walls, you can also install barn wood paneling around a fireplace. This look will transform your fireplace and make it homey and cozy during the wintertime. The barn wood is simple to apply and you don’t have to worry about a complicated process to get it to adhere to the walls. Simply use nails to add this material around a fireplace, otherwise, the peel-and-stick backing may melt, and the panels will slowly peel away or fall off. For standard walls, you can use glue for quick, reliable installation that will last a long time.

Smart Wall Paneling

Quality Smart Wall barn wood paneling is made of real wood that’s thermo-treated to give it stability. This brand offers you the look of modern luxury but at an affordable price you can live with. The peel-and-stick installation makes it a cinch to add it to walls, and you’ll get the authentic look of reclaimed wood without the high price tag or the wait. This special material eliminates the excess moisture, bacteria, and resins that you’d find in traditional reclaimed wood. It won’t warp or twist, so it stays beautiful for years to come. You can install barn wood paneling on the ceiling, use a section as wall art, or apply some to the bedroom walls for an instant headboard. The only limitation is your imagination and creativity. Each panel has real barn wood texture, and it highlights natural light and shadows for a gorgeous aesthetic.

barn wood paneling

Green Solutions for Your Home

When you choose to add reclaimed wood or barn wood paneling to you’re home, you are selecting eco-friendly materials that are highly sustainable. This durable material is “green” and good for the environment since it’s using old wood and making it new again rather than cutting down fresh, healthy trees. Reclaimed wood can come from old buildings, wine barrels, and even water tanks. Whenever you re-purpose a natural material, you’re doing your part to contribute to a healthy, happier world.

With barn wood paneling the wood is also sustainable. It’s been treated and colored to give you a more uniform look and less hassle with installation. From your kitchen or fireplace to the living room, barn wood paneling keeps you on budget, adds a warm element to your home you’ll love.

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