BuildDirect Special Series: What Scares You About DIY?

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You hear it all the time. “You can do it!” “Let’s build something!” “Just come on down, get the materials, take it home, and do-it-yourself.”

Easy, right?

But, when you’re taking on a home improvement project for the first time, it’s not just a job.  It’s an investment in your home to make it a better place to live.

And it’s a risk.

Depending on the job itself, the stakes can be pretty high, and so (let’s face it) can be the expense should things go wrong. There is an element of fear to be experienced for many when it comes to taking on a DIY project.

Tell us what scares you about DIY

So, with that stated plainly, this week we at the BuildDirect Blog: Life At Home, and on the main BuildDirect site, we will be addressing this question of fear head on. We figured that Halloween Week would be as good a time as any to ask you, our readers, and our followers on social media what it is specifically that scares you about home improvement and DIY.

All week, BuildDirect product experts be responding directly to your tweets and Instagram updates. And we’ll be posting those stories or single lines on a special landing page where we will also respond to them in real time. Meanwhile, here on the BuildDirect Blog: Life At Home, we’ll trace some of the most common fears, and talk about how to address them in a series of posts we’ll publish everyday this week. As always, we’ll welcome comments and discussion.

Some incentive to share your fears about home improvement projects

If you want to get started right now and learn how to get a personal response from us about your DIY fears, here’s the link to our What Scares You? page. Since it is Halloween Week, we’ve also added a trick-or-treat element to the proceedings. If you link to a product of ours to your entry on our special landing page, you gain a chance to win it for free. So, that’s kinda cool!

Let’s alleviate those fears by talking about them together!



what scares you banner oct 2014

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