BuildDirect Stainmaster Carpeting Launch

We here at BuildDirect have been working away at taking a look into an area that is related to what we’ve had great success with in the online space;  floor coverings.  As many of you are already aware, up until the present we’ve been known for wood flooring and tile.  But, our most recent foray into the world of floor covering products has been in an area that is a relative newcomer to the online arena, and that is broadloom wall-to-wall carpeting.

While there are a few vendors out there who have dealt in carpeting online, it’s been historically more of an exception to the rule.  A lot of this has to do with logistics.  After all, where you can put wood flooring planks into boxes and then wrap them onto a pallet, it’s quite a different process with carpeting.  Carpeting is offered in rolls, and requires an entirely different approach when it comes to packaging and delivery.

But, here’s the thing – we wanted to bring carpeting to market online to a wider degree despite the challenges, and to make it supremely easy for buyers.  With the help of product experts and partners, we’re once again able to buck the system so to speak.  Here’s BuildDirect Co-founder Rob Banks talking about how we’ve managed it:

To view the lines, check out new Stainmaster carpeting from BuildDirect.



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