BuildDirect Summer Contest Winners: See the winning videos!

Recently, we ran a contest that invited entries to make videos or a few lines of text that describes us as a company, and how we stand out, according to the contestant, from the crowd.  All of this was done in celebration of our tenth anniversary.

Our winner pulled out all of the stops when it came to explaining how BuildDirect manages the building materials supply chain.  Brian Calvert and Rod Hicks make videos that capture memories as Treasured Legacy Films.  And their entry is certainly memorable.  Take a look:

Awesome, guys.  If we ever make a foray into TV commercials, we’ll keep you in mind.

Our other winner, who took the popular vote, is local Vancouver Realtor and social media early adopter Kye Grace.   Here’s his video:

Thanks, Kye.

It’s great to have so many friends and admirers out there, and nice to see our own reflection back at us.  It’s been a great ten years.



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