Building materials like wood flooring build memories too

Hey Good People – Rob here.

In perusing the Internet for stories about people and their spaces as I’m wont to do, I was given an example of a simple truth; homes are more than houses you’ve spent money on.

Here’s a great blog entry that concerns itself with the business of emotional attachment to a space, proving the point quite eloquently.

Here at BuildDirect, we’re in pretty deep as far as the hardwood flooring industry is concerned. A lot of us spend our working lives making sure we’re still getting what we need from suppliers, checking and double-checking quality, touring factory locations, and attending photo-shoots that will result in photos that our customers can rely on to give them the best idea of what their hardwood flooring is going to look like in their space.

We spend time cutting samples and sending them out to these people to give them an even better idea of what they’re getting and we’re always working on making this process as efficient as possible. The point is, it’s easy to focus on this flurry of activity, and sometimes forget why our customers are so interested in making sure they’re getting the best material they can.

They love their homes.

cosy house

As such, these are not simple transactions between two dispassionate parties that we’re dealing with. Building materials like wood flooring become a part of people’s lives once a project is done and well afterwards. When people buy a property, renovate it, raise kids, build home-based businesses that become their life’s work or a place to take refuge once they’ve come home from a job, and any number of activities which define their lives while they’re in that physical space, an emotional investment is being built. When they move away, something like a mourning process often takes place.

I can relate to this myself. I still have pleasant memories of childhood homes, and even places I’ve stayed while living abroad (I spent six years in England). This is at least partially because those places I lived are tied to the experiences I’ve had there that make me who I am today. It is in this sense that homeowners are looking to build the backdrops of their lives, the spaces which will define an era for them and their kids too. This is not to be underestimated.

So, it’s not just about the material value of wood floors, or tile, or countertops, or whatever they’re getting from us. It’s about defining what the word ‘Home’ means to them. To me, being a part of that to even a small degree is a huge responsibility.



Wood flooring interior image courtesy of Felipe Skroski


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