But I’m a Princess! 5 Fun and Fearless Alternatives to Princess Pink

unique room ideas for girls

When you’re looking to avoid cliches when it comes to kids room decor, here are some unique room ideas for girls based on the ancient question “which princess are you”?


Every girl wants to be a princess these days.

The challenge for parents is that the color pink may have, by a very early age, seeped into every aspect of your girl’s life. From fuchsia leggings to ballet pink headbands, from sparkly magenta fairy wands to blush-haired dolls, if you have a daughter your home has likely been saturated by shades of pink. And if you ask her what color she’d like to paint the walls of her bedroom, you’ll indubitably get the same cry: Pink!

There’s more than one way to princess things up

As much as you’d like to cave in to her request, however, Pepto pink (the most-desired shade of the princess generation) isn’t likely your first choice. You want her to stand out from the crowd, and you want her to express her own personality rather than follow the trends.

As well, most of us avoid dark walls for all of the obvious reasons: it can feel enclosing, and it can be hard to paint over, which means that pink on every surface can cause a significant amount of DIY challenge over the long term.

unique room ideas for girls

A room that looks like a princess wonderland doesn’t have to be an extreme shade of pink, and it doesn’t have to mean that your daughter has to give up her individuality and strength, either.

So, let’s explore some unique room ideas for girls, to help your daughter get the design she wants for her bedroom without resorting to an all-pink space. We’ll talk about some new kids’ room ideas, how to protect your walls and wood flooring, and how to help your little princess discover her own unique interior design look.

1. When you wish upon a star

Instead of going straight for pink, you can use a redecoration effort as an opportunity to talk to your daughter about what she values about princesses. Have a discussion about all of the different positive aspects of each of her favorite characters, such as why Merida is brave, or how Elsa and Anna are good sisters.

Ask her: Which princess are you? Then, go to a paint store to bring home some color chips that match the décor themes in the films: ice blue for Elsa or navy and orange color schemes for Merida. Add kids’ room décor touches that make sense, like seashell prints or pillows for a room inspired by The Little Mermaid.

2. A dream is a wish your heart makes

Sometimes it’s just a matter of choice. If your daughter dreams only about pink, provide her with paint chip choices that she can choose from, but in muted colors. One of this year’s hottest trends in color options is a barely-there pink called Rose Quartz, so this beautiful shade will be easy to find. You may want to look at purple or yellow as an alternative, however; if your daughter’s toys are primarily pink, these contrasting shades will provide a soothing backdrop.

3. A spoonful of sugar

A spot color wall is an excellent way for your daughter to have the pink that she enjoys without covering every spare inch of space in the room. Spot colors look wonderful, especially when you paint the smallest wall in the room a bright shade; you can even use bright fuchsia for a spot color wall if you balance the rest of the space with a blue-toned white or a soft yellow.

Another spot color option is to create vertical or horizontal stripes, including pink as one of your tones. I’m not talking about hundreds of stripes, but two or three broad bands of color placed across a neutral white or cream can look lovely. Try lining up floating shelves on your spot colors to display your daughter’s favorite toys.

4. Under the sea (or on the floor, as it were)

You can also create a pink splash in a neutral space by using a throw or area rug. This is a great option if you want to keep your daughter’s bedroom walls a light color, or if you’re thinking of a less-expensive investment in kids’ room décor.

unique room ideas for girls

When you have wood floors, even if they’re made of laminate, a throw rug can also decrease possible wear and tear in high-contact areas. Try a grey shag rug or a brick rug so that your daughter can have her own castle floor like Rapunzel, or try a aqua blue color if you want an Under The Sea vibe.

5. It’s a small world

Unique room ideas for girls without painting any walls or updating your daughter’s furniture is to add extraordinary accessories. Some of the easiest and least expensive options I’ve seen have included:

  • A group of sequined or shag throw pillows in the bright colors favored by her princess of choice
  • Several paper Chinese lanterns hanging in a corner, or a group of paper fans, to evoke the spirit of Mulan
  • A collection of dollar-store tiaras or feather fans, arranged on floating shelves or hanging from clothing hooks, as a testament to Cinderella; these can also be used for dress-up time
  • Seven to ten tiny mirrors mounted in an eclectic grouping at your daughter’s height so that she can play “Mirror, mirror, on the wall” with her friends
  • Pink or yellow mosquito netting hanging over her bed in swags so that the room looks like Tiana’s New Orleans

Find her own path

Whatever design ideas appeals to your daughter, she can discover her own unique style by exploring the princess mystique. Whether she sees herself wielding a bow and arrow in a Scottish forest or captaining a Chinese army or diving deep into the ocean to find her true love, your little girl can find her own path and her own set of colors to express her personality. And she can do it with or without a splash of princess pink.

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