Buying Fencing: Whys, Whats, And Words Of Advice

white vinyl fence suburb

People put up fences for all kinds of reasons. Why does your yard need a fence? That’s an important thing to know before you start looking at different styles.


You’ll need to consider what your motivations for fencing are because that’ll really dictate how to proceed with your project. Are you simply trying to stake out your kingdom so it’s clear where land boundaries are? Then you’ve got a whole world of fencing available to you, including the ever-popular white picket. This is also somewhat true when you’re just looking to have a means of putting vines an hanging flowers and other “organic” boundaries around your property.

What are your circumstances for needing a fence?

But if you’ve got a toddler you’re scared will run into the street, you need a sturdy fence to keep them in. If it’s deer-invasion prevention you’re trying to achieve, then you could need a shoulder-high or higher fence to make that work. If you live on a dangerous corner and you’re trying to erect something to prevent a potential car crashing into your home, then that’s an even more daunting project to undertake.

The “why” you need fencing should really influence “what” fencing you choose. From stones to wood to metal to vinyl fencing, you should consult our helpful guide to fencing styles.

The costs of fencing

You might want the most beautiful fence in the world, but it becomes a very expensive proposition. It’s important to know what kind of budget you have in mind before you get started. Maybe you don’t have the funds to do what you’d like to right now, but if it’s a matter of safety or preservation, you may not have the option of putting things off.

Either way, you’ve got to crunch the numbers before you proceed. Get prices on a few different approaches, just like you would for any other project.

white privacy fencing from BuildDirect

Longevity Privacy Top Panel Fence, White Panel (72″x96″) from BuildDirect

Fencing pays off

When you’re committing to your fencing project, it’s strongly advised that you don’t take the cheap route. Look for a long-lasting installation, even if it costs more, because it will make your property much more popular when you’re listing it for sale in the years ahead.

For pet-owners and parents and even families caring for a relative with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-type conditions, having that fence can bring a lot of peace of mind. If you purchase a style that can be mended or patched in places when it’s required, it’ll make upkeep easier and you can make some value-adding upgrades before you sell your home.

green lumber decking used as wood fencing

Green World Lumber premium exotic wood decking used here pretty effectively as wood fencing, too.

Words of advice

If you’re doing your own fence, you’ll want to follow the old adage of “measuring twice,” because you don’t want to run out of supplies. If you’re getting professionally installed fences, beyond a variety of quotes, you’ll want good references for those providing estimates. Make sure you check for work guarantees and see if there are any clients from their past that you can visit to see how the fencing is holding up after a few winters.

If you think your life will be easier, safer, or simply more private with fencing, then this is the season to get that project underway. With good weather and soft ground, it’s the perfect time to pitch your fence.

Your plans for fencing

What kind of fencing are you looking at installing; vinyl fencing, wood, metal? What are your reasons for replacing your fences? Tell us all about it in the comments section of this post.

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