Buying for Home Decor: Ultra Modern

modern home decor

Alzatina Ceramic Wall Tile – Champs Elysees Collection “Black China” from BuildDirect.

The best home decor ideas start with a single vision. If ultra modern home decor is yours, here are some of the aesthetics to shoot for, along with some of the products to get you there.


Are you the first of all your friends to try something new? Are you mesmerized by the latest technology? Do you prefer a home with fun angles, sleek surfaces, and a look that takes a decisive turn away from the conventional? You might be looking for ultra modern home decor. These products are a sure bet to build an ultramodern look.

Subway tile

Handsome white subway tile has many applications, and tends to be suitable for both traditional looks and modern ones — but when it comes to ultramodern design, these tiles are perfect in any room of the home. Usually found in the kitchen or bathroom, the tile lends itself to a huge range of design; it can painted to create a more unique mosaic look, or interspersed with other wall decor.

modern home decor

Alzatina Ceramic Wall Tile – Champs Elysees Collection White Latte / 2″x20 from BuildDirect.

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Crazy angles

Of course no ultramodern decor would be quite right without angles everywhere. From the furniture to the architecture itself, acute and obtuse angles are everywhere. But remember, it’s not just the angles, it’s the sleekness of how it all comes together.

To make that happen, get rid of all hardware — all of it! Cabinets should have handy notches for opening, not handles. Same with drawers. Sliding doors are a great way to get rid of doorknobs. Look for faucets that have very unobtrusive handles, or none at all.

Modern wallpaper

Wallpaper doesn’t have to actually be wallpaper. Opt for something that truly reflects you and your interests instead: Wallpapering with a variety of magazine articles, newspaper sheets, unique photographs, and the like can create a wall or two that is entirely about you and your home, but has enough interest to stop guests in their tracks. If you want to go even more dramatic, make sure it’s all in grayscale.

Dark hardwood or all white floors

Modern flooring has a few gold standards. One of those is dark hardwood, so dark that the grain is a mere suggestion that provides visual depth to the otherwise blank surface. Another standard is white — pristine white, usually the result of either a really good floor paint or wood planks, such as those of engineered flooring or bamboo.

modern home decor

Jasper Engineered Hardwood – Handscraped Distressed Collection Maple “Dark Chocolate” from BuildDirect.

For a cooler modern home decor look, some homeowners choose concrete flooring, but an even more gasp-inducing floor can be created of glass. A happy medium might include a section of glass floor strategically placed, such as a square at the upstairs landing looking down into the family room, while the rest of the flooring is a more conventional material.

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Dramatic Lighting

For ultra modern home decor with so many sleek lines and angles, the lighting gets a great deal of attention. Look for lights that not only fit in with the overall feel the of home, but provide lighting that makes a statement all its own.

In the bedroom, consider recessed rope lighting that casts a glow throughout the room and seems to come from the walls themselves. In the kitchen, pendant lighting for up-close tasks blends seamlessly with recessed lighting, or that from tunnel skylights. Sconces on the walls that cast light in all directions are a welcome addition to areas where there isn’t much architectural depth.

Small Decor to Pull it Together

Once the biggest elements are in place, pull it together with the smaller ones. Unique mirrors work as a nice modern home decor touch — art deco mirrors are a great option. For that long and sleek glass desk, why not an acrylic chair that you can see right through?

But now is also the time for the softer elements that just wouldn’t work anywhere else, such as soft, plush rugs on the floors, a collection of comfortable pillows on the sofa, and even a few potted plants that grace the space with their wild greenery and soft petals.

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