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Coffee culture the relaxed atmosphere’s of cafes have become interwoven in the lives of many. So, many people seek to get the same atmosphere of their corner cafe (or someone else’s if they don’t have one themselves!) in their own homes. How is this accomplished? Guest writer and interior design enthusiast Chris Savage is here to outline the broadstokes …


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Ever since I can remember, cafes have been my favorite outdoor space. I love books, coffee, and wooden decor. And peace and quiet. If you like the typical cafe ambience, too, maybe you should try to import some of it into the privacy of your home.

Choose a space in your home, whether it’s the kitchen, the dining room, or your personal living space, and convert it into something similar to your favorite cafe interior. We may not be able to make a similar cup of cafe latté as they do, but we can surely recreate some of the magic of our favorite cafe in our homes. Read on for ideas how to do it.

Start with cafe decor

Cafes worldwide differ tremendously from each other, but the typical traditional cafe decor is rich in wooden tones. The coffee tables, the couches, the chairs, they are all usually varying shades of brown.

The white of a coffee mug and the dark brown of the wooden table make for a beautiful combination. If it’s red and wooden that seems more beautiful to you, so be it. The aim here is to recreate that which appeals to you. I love the combination of dark couches on wooden hardwood floor, but one can easily break it up, if they find it monotonous, by introducing bright green chairs to the set-up.

Opt for a heavy center table and keep it bare. A seating combination that works wonders with its rustic charm is that of wicker chairs and red square pillows. You can use another color instead of red, but remember to keep the space rich in earthy tones.

Rugs in lighter shades of brown can add warmth to concrete floors. Choose wooden blinds or shutters over curtains, but if you love curtains, opt for heavy beige ones. Wooden brick-shaped wall paneling is also an excellent idea to give the space a warm and lived-in look.

White crockery

Cafes are big on plain white crockery of the heavier kind. It is aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic. It also goes very well with the dark coffee machines and pots.

White cups do ample justice to both the light brown frothy richness of a milky coffee and the mesmerizing darkness of a black one. And white saucer plates provide an excellent background to chocolate brownies and muffins. Accompany the white crockery with plain stainless steel cutlery in your kitchen or dining space.

Bring in a writing board as a wall accessory

Preferably a blackboard, and write on it with a chalk. Chalk lettering on walls produces a classic European cafe effect. One can also put up a light-colored board on a wall and write on it with a black sketch pen instead.

What will you write on it, though? Anything, just use your imagination.

Cafe ambience

What does a cafe mean to you?

To me, a it’s cozy, quiet, heavenly, and sacrosanct space. For you it could be about a laidback Sunday afternoon spent with a new date.

Try to capture the ambience that resonates with you the most. Play soft music in the background. Opt for softer lighting during the evening, and allow bright sunshine to stream in through the windows during the day. What would you ideally like to do in this space? Lounge about in your pajamas with a book in hand and a steaming cup of coffee on the table? Go for it!


Thanks, Chris!

Passionate about interior design, Chris Savage researches about safe nursery blinds on In his spare time, he likes to design and develop WordPress websites, play golf, and hang out with his wife.



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