Can I chisel travertine myself?

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I have had a bunch of inquiries lately about chiseling the edges of travertine by the installer. Why would you want to do this you might ask? Well sometimes during installation, you are going to have to make cuts leaving you with one or two edges that are no longer chiseled. Some people want to have that chiseled edge consistent, even into the walls, or cabinets or wherever. Can it be done? Sure it can, but very carefully and with some practice. I wouldn’t recommend taking the piece you are about to install and start hacking away at it, but try this. Grab an angle grinder (be sure to have the appropriate disk) and take some cut ends to practice on. The angle from which you attack the tile, will be quite important if you want to match the look that came from the factory. Try different angles and different depths. With enough practice, it can be possible to match the chiseled edge pretty closely.

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Marc McPherson