Can Stone Withstand Treatment?

Some of you have no doubt seen our Watchuswreckafloor where we have installed laminate flooring on our deck and are now watching what happens when it rains on it, snows on it, rolls on it, puts fire out on it, etc. This is obviously a bad idea. But what would be a better option?

For outdoor applications of stone, you have a couple of options that should turn out much better for you than what we expect of our laminate decking. When consistent freeze/ thaw cycles are an issue, most people turn to granite paving stones, but did you know that travertine also resists the effects of freeze thaw? On top of that it also tends to not absorb heat like many other stones do making it an optimal choice for pool areas and decks in climates like Arizona and Florida.

In instances where a flat and solid slab already exists, stone tiles are also an option. Make a note though, that when using tile outside, its best to include an anti-fracture membrane between the slab and the tile. This will allow the tile a bit of leeway and hopefully reduce the possibility of cracks and breakage.

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