Can we green build it? Yes, we can!

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My daughter loves watching Bob the Builder, a resourceful building industry role model if there ever was one, helped as he is by a team of self-aware, autonomous, and conversational construction equipment.

This morning’s episode centred on a building project competition in Sunflower Valley, a place where traditional houses “just don’t look right” according to Bob (voiced here in North America by actor, stand-up comic, and improv guy Greg Proops).  Bob’s idea is to build houses that ‘blend in’ to the surroundings of Sunflower Valley, so that the area isn’t spoiled, and that the mantra of ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’ are put into practice on a large scale.

Bob the Builder: green building hero! Image courtesy of Etereal9. Click image to view Flickr Stream.

Bob the Builder: green building hero! Image courtesy of Etereal9. Click image to view Flickr Stream.

The homes Bob has in mind are built partially in the hills of the valley, keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Needless to say, Bob and his construction equipment pals win the competition, with his ideas capturing the attention of the judges of the contest.

Now, this isn’t just a TV drama where Bob is concerned.  Our Bob is also involved in green building and energy efficiency offscreen  in Europe, too.   Take a look!

The issue of energy efficient buildings is certainly a political hot topic in the European Union, and here in North America too.  But, what struck me once again is how the idea of green building isn’t just about legislation, or even about appealing to construction firms with the promise of long term dividends.

Green building is becoming a part of popular culture, helping to shape the expectations of our children, so that the next generation will expect green, not hope for it.



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