Canadian home tax credit for home improvement includes flooring

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The current state of the economy isn’t really news by now.   The poor state of things is just a living reality.  Yet, here in Canada, to get the building materials industry going on the level of home improvement, the Canadian government is helping out the DIYer, the BIYer (that’s ‘buyt-it-yourselfers’), and the installer too.  And how are they doing it? The Home Tax Credit.

The basics of the credit allows up to $1350 Canadian for a home renovation up to $10 000.  This includes the installation of new floors.  So, this is a great time to take the transformation of your home into your own hands.

Image courtesy of eye of einstein. Click image to view Flickr stream.

Image courtesy of eye of einstein. Click image to view Flickr stream.

That, among other things, is what CTV’s Karl Lohnes talks about here in this blog entry about flooring he’s written.  In the context of this article, Karl is really talking about what kind of floor to get in order to take advantage of the tax credit.  After all, you still want to make sure that the floor you get is appropriate to the space.  And this is not just about look, but also functionality.

For more information about the exact details of the Canadian home tax credit, visit the Canada Revenue Agency to get the full lowdown on the credit.



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