Capsule Wardrobes: Why You Need One and How To Start One

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Want to jump start your creativity and have more time in the morning? Create a capsule wardrobe – read on to learn how!


There’s a new trend sweeping through that has caught the eye of many busy working women – creating capsule wardrobes. Let me explain to those of you who don’t know exactly what a capsule wardrobe is: This is where you pare down your wardrobe to a set number of pieces and wear only those for a set period of time.

You don’t even have to be a busy working woman to make a capsule wardrobe – busy men, Moms, and those simply looking for more time and less hassle are embracing it.
Having a capsule wardrobe helps you to save time in the morning, not spend money on unnecessary clothing, jump start your creativity, and learn what your style really is.
Are you ready for the challenge? Let’s get started:

There are no rules

Yup really, the first rule is there are NO rules! This is your challenge and you can be as strict or as flexible as you want. You can include accessories, shoes, and jackets in your selected items, or you can go freestyle with those.

You may also wish to just have your capsule wardrobe work for you on those particularly busy Monday to Friday mornings and have your weekends off to select whatever you want – it’s up to you. Have an important event coming up? No one will know if you reach into your closet for your fancy dress that you didn’t include in your capsule! You DO want to try to limit your options to make your life easier and turn your creativity on, but you don’t have to be too rigid.

Here are 5 steps to get there.

1. Select your items

Choose pieces from your closet that you love to wear, are versatile, and are all (or at least mostly) able to work together so you have the ability to create many different outfits. Most people I’ve encountered select about 30 items. As I mentioned above you can decide to include accessories and shoes or you may want to work with just clothing items.

2. Separate these pieces

Store these clothes in a different area, or go all out and empty your closet of all other clothing and keep just your capsule items in there. You’ll feel less overwhelmed if you see less clothing and be able to access your creativity.

3. Select your time period

Don’t worry – you don’t have to live with only these 30ish items forever! It’s best to select a time limit for when you can change out your pieces. For some it’s 30 days, others do it seasonally.

4. Keep only what you love

When it’s time to change up your wardrobe you’ll know which pieces you want to move into the next one and which ones you can’t stand or rarely wore. These can immediately be filtered out and donated. You’ll learn to only shop for items you truly need and will mindfully choose pieces that work well with items in your wardrobe so you will get more use out of them.

5. Be held accountable – or not

A lot of people doing this challenge are posting daily on blogs or social media to hold themselves accountable. Some groups of friends and co-workers are doing this together as a fun challenge, with small prizes for those who make it through the set period or create the most number of outfits. This is a great idea, but certainly not necessary if you want to do it on your own. Again – NO rules.

Have you ever created a capsule wardrobe? Tell us about your experiences in the comments.

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