Carpet removal and real hardwood flooring

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I wrote a piece about removing carpet  to expose real hardwood flooring underneath not too long ago.  And here is another story about the benefits of removing carpet that covers a few of interesting points:

1) That carpeting is often found to be a source of irritants that cause allergy symptoms.

2) That because of fashions, carpeting was chosen to cover real hardwood flooring in times past, even though today hardwood floors are a feature that makes a property more sellable.

3) When removing carpeting through out an entire property, it’s important for someone on the crew to be able to make a good hamburger.

I think another thing I take away from this story is that a big job like this is a great family and friends affair.  It can be strenuous, and kind of messy.  But, hey; stress draws families and friends closer together, doesn’t it? Point number three is obviously vital to the success of this of course.  And plenty of fizzy beverages too.

Burgers and fries



Burger and Fries image courtesy of Chichacha. Burgers are an important piece of equipment, as we all know, when doing home renovations with family and friends!

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