Carving Out a Kids’ Spot in the Kitchen

Let’s face it, busy moms like us need to multi-task and a lot of that multi-tasking time is spent in the kitchen.  Between planning and cooking meals, making grocery lists, packing lunches, and doing dishes, it can sometimes feel like there is no escape.  Since we are in the kitchen so often, it is important to carve out a space where the kids can play safely while we do our mom-thing.

Kids spots in kitchens: think about activities

When trying to decide how to carve out a corner of the kitchen for the kids, we first have to ask what we want them to be doing while we are cooking and cleaning.  In most cases, that answer is going to be something where they are sitting down and coloring, reading, or drawing in relative quiet. Depending on the age of the children and any specific tasks that you want them engaged in, the space and furniture requirements will be different.

Furniture for kids areas in the kitchen

For those moms lucky enough to have a huge kitchen, adding another piece or two of furniture is not such a big deal.  A small kid-size table with a bookshelf to hold coloring and crafting supplies is perfect along the wall or under the window by the breakfast table.

For those with smaller kitchens, adding anything additional to the space can be challenging.  In those instances, we need to think creatively.  Let older children sit on stools by the kitchen island and work while younger children can sit at the already-there breakfast table.  A small shelf to hold a basket of books and small toys can help organize the space while also giving the children something to do while you are busy.  The more organized the space is, the less out of place it will seem.

On the Walls

Think outside of the table and chairs when it comes to creating a space.  Paint an area of the wall with chalkboard paint and frame it with inexpensive molding.  A small bag of chalk hung from a hook next to it can help provide drawing fun for as long as you need.  A folding easel with a pad of paper or chalkboard is also a great option if you want to be able to hide the kids’ area once they are done playing.  Look for a child-size easel that can be folded and stored in the pantry, next to the refrigerator, or in an out of the way area in the kitchen.  When the kids are done playing and you are done cooking, simply fold it up and tuck it away until next time.

Carving out a safe spot for the kids in a room that can be unsafe is a great way to get accomplish the things you need to do while also keeping tabs on the little ones.  Sure, cooking and cleaning without interruption may be ideal, but for most moms that is simply not an option.  With just a little bit of rearranging, you can make your kitchen a spot that works for everyone.

*** senior staff writer, Alyssa Davis, specializes in designing with trumpet metal wall art and sailboats metal artwork.


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