Cave Homes: Yabba-Dabba Green?

In her series on earthen homes and earth-sheltered housing, our favorite green blogger Nan Fischer outlined a few options for living at least partially underground as a measure of sustainability. But, cave-dwelling seems like an extreme measure, right? We think of the idea of “living in a cave” as being cut off from everything, and without modern comforts .

Well, some of us (read: me) tend to think about the Flintstones, let’s face it.

But, take a look at this video, a feature that frames cave-dwelling as a viable, and even stylish alternative.

The idea of living in a cave home like this isn’t blatantly positioned as a green lifestyle choice in this clip. The couple loved the spot they found, and discovered that a neighbor was building a similar house in the area, which is what gave them the idea.  Yet, to me it makes the point that because they loved the spot so much, they decided to build into the environment rather than on top of it.

This act of preserving a location when building a home  alone is indicative of a paradigm shift about what it means to live in context of a natural environment. It goes beyond treating that environment as a cache of raw materials. When we include ourselves when we use the word “environment”, I really think this is the first step to any green building process. And this is a great example of just that.

Could you live in a cave? What are some of the best features you can think of? What would be some of the biggest challenges?

Tell me your thoughts in the comments section.



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