Celebrate Daylight Savings Time With An Outdoor Feast

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When Daylight Savings Time comes around, it’s time to break out the patio gear for a great celebration feast. Here are the basics for a well-appointed patio.


Who doesn’t like Daylight Savings Time? I love how it lets us enjoy sunlight later in the day so we can all have sunset walks and late drinks on a warm patio. Here in Victoria, Canada, the sun stays up as late as 10h30 PM in late June. It’s amazing!

And how else to celebrate the coming of longer, brighter evenings than with an outdoor feast. With the great outdoor kitchen appliances available these days, it’s easy to spend more time outside with your family and friends, rather than inside prepping and cooking.

Want to host your first patio party of the year with some great food and fun cheers? Here are some ideas and tips to get you started.

First things first: your outdoor kitchen

If you haven’t discovered the wonders of modern outdoor kitchens, why, you must! It’s not just about having a barbecue grill anymore; today’s outdoor kitchen is sleek, practical and can cook pretty much anything you can do in an indoor kitchen.

For a true outdoor feast, you’ll need several items: a refrigerator for keeping ingredients and drinks cool; a grill, obviously, for cooking food; some drawers for keeping plates, knives and grill accessories; and a sink for making drinks, washing hands and cleaning dishes as you go.

Browse for outdoor appliances, sinks, and storage.

Pizza lovers can go even further with a wood fire pizza oven, which, to me, is the epitome of outdoor cooking luxury. I mean, who doesn’t love pizza? And homemade, wood fire pizza is possibly the best pizza ever.

So, have you got everything you need in your outdoor kitchen? If so, the next part of planning your feast is enough seating for all your guests.

Where are they all going to sit?

My childhood version of outdoor dining is cheap, uncomfortable plastic chairs, an ugly white plastic table that dirties and yellows within months, and lots of annoying insects spoiling our meal.

But I am glad to see that today’s dining sets are not only comfortable and practical, but also beautiful. Wicker, composite, glass and steel make for wonderful outdoor dining set combinations.

A small family can get away with a 4-seat dining set. But if you plan on inviting family members, friends and neighbors all through the summer for your famous outdoor feasts, you might want to invest in a larger dining set, complemented by conversation sets and extra chairs.

Mayaro Dining Sets - Aluminum Medium (Ideal for 6 Seats)

Tribeca 7 Piece Dining Set from BuildDirect.

Browse for outdoor dining sets.

Protection from the elements

Despite how much we all hope for sun all summer long, sometimes it rains a little. (Those plants need some water!) And also, sometimes we actually need to get away from the sun in order to enjoy the day. A little shade is nice in the heat of August.

So, to ensure that you can stay dry during a shower or cool during a hot day, make sure to get a gazebo or a large umbrella. Gazebos, particularly, have the benefit of keeping insects away while you eat if you close the screen sides.

Providing a little shade and protection from the elements is essential for any well-appointment backyard. That way, your guests can enjoy their outdoor meal no matter the weather.

gazebo Kontiki brand BuildDirect

St. Lawrence Wicker Post Gazebo with Sunbrella Canopy from BuildDirect.

Stay warm at night

And last but not least, sometimes the party goes on… well into the night. But you don’t have to go inside once the temperature drops; a nice fire pit or fire table set at a convenient place on your patio or in your backyard can make all the difference between a nice evening and a great night.

If you’re not a fan of fire, there are patio heaters available to keep you and your guests warm as the sun goes down and the temperature cools. These gas-powered heaters make for a cozy patio you can use all night… maybe with a few extra hamburgers or hot dogs on the grill?

Feast time!

Now that you have a fully-appointed patio, you can send invitations for your Daylight Savings Time feast. Serve good food in a comfortable space, protect your guests from the elements and keep them warm as the evening comes. Even in March, it’ll be hard to resist the first patio party of the year!

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