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Black Friday might attract all the hoopla for pre-Christmas shopping, but savvy folks know there are all kinds of deals to be had throughout January too.

In fact, one thing that goes on sale every January has the ability to literally help you sleep and breathe better, two things that are guaranteed to have positive effects on every aspect of your life: Bedding.

You might scoff at the notion that changing your bedding can change your life, but you scoff wrongly, my friend.

Pillows & the dangers that lurk within

The number-one most important thing to change this January is your pillow. Some experts suggest you should be changing your pillow every six months! Two years is the maximum you should wait before replacing a pillow.

Before laughing that off as a plot to make you buy pillows, think about it. You mash your face into your pillow for as much as 8 hours a night. You breathe it in all night, every night.

But just what are you breathing in? Your pillow becomes a catch-all for your sweat, dandruff, dead skin, pollen, mold spores, or anything else that can rub off your skin or fall out of your hair. These things attract dust mites, which more than 27% of us are allergic to. But if you add in the pollen and other factors, more than 54% of the population reacts to at least one of those allergens.

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And by “react,” we mean suffering congestion, shortness of breath, itchy or irritated eyes, skin conditions, and more. In fact, these things trapped in your pillow can even induce snoring.

By changing your pillow at least once a year, you’ll beat all these potential triggers and sleep easier.

On the case: how pillowcases matter

As someone with a lot of hair and sensitive skin, I change my pillow case every 3-4 days, or the oils from my hair build up on my pillowcase, and next thing you know it’s breakout-city for this pale-skinned Irish lass.

Pillowcases are also the first line of defense when battling dust mites and all the rest of those trigger allergens we just discussed. You’ll want to change cases even more often than your sheets, especially if you have allergies, asthma, or sensitive skin like me.

That’s why it’s always great to stock up on extra pillowcases if you’re cashing in on January’s bedding sales.

Comforters should be comforting

The experts say a well-cared-for down comforter should last you over 10 years. This is when you’re keeping it covered with a duvet or even just a dust-cover. If you’re noticing stains, a dusty smell that doesn’t go away after cleaning, frayed threads, or it simply never fluffs up anymore, maybe it’s time to capitalize on a sale.

You can always relegate your serviceable comforter to the use of visitors and guests, and get something lovely and new for you. Because: you’re special.

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Other bed-helpers

Whether it’s a hypo-allergenic cover for your comforter, some throw pillow accessories, body pillows for back health, or a mattress cover that keeps dust out, a lot of these items all go on sale in January.

If you need to replace any of them, they should top your wishlist of what to do with any department store gift cards or holiday cash.

Maintenance matters

Make sure you heed the instructions on washing your bedding, because it makes a big difference. Many high-end sheet sets will actually pill and become quite a mess if you follow logic and wash them in hot water. High-threadcount bedding isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be, either. Invest in quality 100% cotton sheets you like the feel of, wash them on cold in appropriate detergent, dry them as instructed, and they’ll be a part of a good night’s sleep for some time to come.

Give yourself the gift of sleep

Anyone who’s ever suffered a week of bad sleep will tell you how much it can negatively affect everything from your sex drive to your work performance, and patience when dealing with your kids. Conversely, great sleep can have a dramatically positive impact on all areas of your life.

Isn’t it time you make your sleep a priority? I have literally never once heard one person report that they regretted investing in better bedding. You won’t regret it either.

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