Chasing bad guys the green way!

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Apparently, the FBI has gone green.  Or at least, the property where the FBI offices are located in Chicago have been recognized as such by the U.S Green Building Council.  You can read the story here, courtesy of the San Antonio Business Journal.

The credit here actually goes to the company from whom the FBI are leasing the property, USAA.  The company was awarded a coveted platinum LEED certification.

Perhaps this is another indication that the green building movement is becoming mainstream.  And as such hopefully, the idea of platinum certification will also become mainstream, not looked upon so much as a towering achievement.  But, rather moving us closer and closer to a new standard where sustainable building practices are more the norm, and are in fact easy to achieve.

I am kicking myself that I can’t work in an X-Files reference in here somewhere, so a picture will have to do:

Image courtesy of Kofoed.  Click image for Flickr stream.

Image courtesy of Kofoed. Click image for Flickr stream.


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