Chicken Day at BuildDirect! Part 2

As promised, here is part 2 of our chicken day at BuildDirect. In this installment, we introduce the chickens to the hard-hitting world of online building materials sales. Take a look!

All in all, the chickens seemed to enjoy their new surroundings, although we don’t think they’re cut out for life in our downtown Vancouver office. The chickens are used to a MAC environment, and can’t get with Windows.

Seriously, although they were a little freaked out on the trip, they actually were pretty chilled once they got here – well, chilled for chickens anyway. And now they’ve been to the big city! How’s that for free range?

Thanks again to Randy who brought them and taught us how to handle them.

Thanks again to Matt for installing our makeshift chicken coop, just in case one or all of our friends decided to take flight. We’ll talk to Matt on Monday, to see if the chicken scratchings, peckings, and ‘leavings’ have had an effect.

And Happy Valentine’s Day, lovebirds!


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