Water Feature Options For Gardens and Yards

Choosing the best outdoor water feature for your yard is something that can make your outdoor living space relaxing and welcoming. There are many different types to choose from, and having something that reflects your tastes will make the yard feel like an extension of your own personality.

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Additionally, they all provide the tranquil sounds of flowing water that will make your yard the place to be this summer for you, your family, and friends.

Above ground water feature varieties

An above ground water feature comes in the form of the following:

  • Bird bath
  • Fountain
  • Sculpture
  • Water spray
  • Waterfall
  • Urn water features

These types provide the flowing water sound that so many people find relaxing. They are free standing in the yard, and can be assembled quite easily using a hose or another water line source that is stemmed off of the house. There are many different looks that this type of water feature offers. Not to mention, this is the best way to express your tastes, since you can decide which sculpture, look or color best suits you.

Water feature container garden

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Below ground water feature varieties

The below ground style of water feature can be in the form of a lilly pond, coi pond, or another type of pool-like system. There will be some construction involved to install this form of water feature, which makes the process a bit more complicated. In order to have the water circulate and stay clean, these styles are often coupled with a fountain or a spring, which will require the installation of plumbing.

Garden pond water feature


When undertaking a project like this, city permits are often required. Find out about what the rules are in your area before you commence.

Installing below ground water features

In ground water features require some construction. The biggest process is picking the optimal place in the yard and digging the appropriate sized hole for the type of feature you would like to have. For instance, a coi pond requires enough room for the fish to have a healthy place to live.

Water feature coi pond

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When installing this type of feature, it is always a good idea to have the utility companies come and mark for pipelines, wires, or protected utility lines so that you don’t damage these items while digging.

Determining what water feature is right for you

Space is usually a factor when considering the type of water feature to install in your yard. If the yard is small, then consider a fountain or a bird bath. Below ground water features have a tendency to take up space in a yard because of the actual feature, and then any plumbing that is associated with the feature. Because of this, those that have limited space opt for something that will be beneficial without dominating, such as space-saving, free-standing features.

Backyard brook water feature

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Finding outdoor water features

Outdoor water features can be found in a few locations, including home improvement stores, garden art supply shops, and places where underground pond supplies are sold. There are many independent artists that create fountains made out of different materials like concrete,  natural stone, or even metals like copper.

Backyard water feature

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Water features are elemental. It makes sense to see which natural elements will work best in your garden, or yard.

Enjoy your water feature

After you choose and install the right type of water feature for your yard, take the time to enjoy it often. You’ll be able to not only appreciate the fruit of your labors, but also benefit from the tranquil environment that it provides once you’re done.

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