Choosing Carpet Types For Floor Coverings

Today’s post is from Patrick Finn, writer and editor from, a resource for carpeting based in the United Kingdom.  Patrick outlines some of the categories of carpeting which you may wish to consider for your next home renovation…


Recently, carpet has been coming back to become the must-have fashionable accessory in the home. Everyone knows to make the perfect room you have to start from the ground up. That’s why carpet is here to stay as nothing feels as good as a freshly laid carpet to liven up the atmosphere around the home.

There are a few different types of carpet out there being the Cut; Velvet, Shag and Berber types. Depending on what feel you are after, different types serve different functions.

So for instance, if you are after the big luxurious carpet feel then the shag pile carpet will be the one for you. Also, don’t get put off by the price. Talk to your local carpet retailer and they are bound to have lots of carpet on great offer prices. Maintenance of carpet largely depends on the type you buy but there is plenty of advice out there.


cut-pile-twist-carpetCut Pile / Twist
Probably the most popular choice is the cut pile carpet. It is primarily made up of tightly twisted yarn and is mottled in texture. Cut pile can come in a variety of different colours and is the most economical of all the carpet options that are available.

berber-loop-pileBerber / Loop Pile
The Berber carpet or looped carpet as it is sometimes times called, is highly durable for an all purpose use around the home. In relation to the other types, it has a much denser and wider kind of yarn. The yarn can also vary in different sizes. The best thing about Berber is that it is possible to combine varied cut and loop heights to create a sculptured effect to your carpet flooring.


shag-pile-carpetShag pile
Shag pile is made in the same way as cut pile, however, the difference being longer tufts for a gloriously bouncy and soft feel. Making a bit of comeback today but the shag pile enjoyed wide popularity back in the Seventies.

This carpet is very similar to the Shag pile types but with longer tufts. It can best be described as a dense cut pile, and people often prefer to use this in bedrooms and lounges.

velvet-pile-carpetVelvet pile

The elegance which comes with this silky smooth carpet is immense.  High grade production processes are used to make this the most luxurious of carpets and you’ll be able to feel the difference. By no means suited for landings but more for the bedroom!

This summer’s trends are moving towards soft colors such as forget-me-not blues, buttercup yellows and rich green grass of a summer meadow. Interiors expert, Andrea Mafflin, who incidentally works on the panel of Fun on the Floor experts, says that big floral and vintage soft furnishings are a perfect way to compliment your spring colours.

For more information about carpet trends, make sure you visit: – a full interactive resource for anyone interested in learning about how carpet can transform their home.

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