Choosing Patio Furniture

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Patio furniture helps you to establish a comfortable and welcoming outdoor living space for visits with friends and family, meals and alone time, too.  Choosing the right patio furniture can extend the value of your space, and increase your enjoyment of it.

Select types of patio furniture

It is important to pick patio furniture that will not only meet your practical needs, but also cater to your tastes and style. There is a wide variety of materials and textures to choose from when choosing patio furniture including:

Wicker and ‘loom’ patio furniture

Woven materials like wicker come in many colors to suit your outdoor living spacesl. They usually require cushions for the chairs, and are long lasting and durable. They provide a nice detail that is perfect for areas that are shaded or breezy. The sets that are available include chairs, side tables, large tables and rockers. Many of the items can be sold separately, so that you have the option to put together a set that is best for you.

Wrought iron patio furniture

This material is offered in a multitude of color choices, as they are usually powder-coat paints over metal. This means that if you cannot find a color that is perfect, you can special order a set in the right color for your needs. You can find any piece imaginable for your patio in this material, and depending on the style or brand, you can have it as ornate or simple as you would like.

Wood patio furniture

Wood is a great material that is used for outdoor use. The wood is usually teak or bamboo, so it is highly resistant to weather and moisture. The colors can range in the stain used, and like the metal, can be ordered to specifically match your needs. The nice part about wood is that you can have pieces that interchange or expand for different events. For example, the tables can expand, and chairs can convert into serving buffets.


These sets tend to be appealing because of their cost-effective nature, but many offer a nice look mixed with glass or metal. These sets also come in a wide variety of looks and colors, and can easily be purchased as an all-inclusive package.

How to choose patio furniture

When choosing patio furniture, it is important to think about your needs and the area where you are going to place the furniture. This means that if you live in a desert area, wicker may not be able to withstand the heat and dryness, while living in very wet climates can be hard on metal and wood.

The next step is to determine what pieces you need. If you do not do a lot of entertaining, this might be an easy task; but if you enjoy company, it is important to make sure that there is enough seating, and places to eat to make your guests feel comfortable. Sets of patio furniture come in many sizes, including table length, and the number of chairs. Almost all sets include the option for more chairs, and additional side tables. This is a great plan B if you find that later on you need more room for your guests.

How to place patio furniture in your space

It is also important to make sure that you have enough room to place everything. Measure the patio area or deck area that you are going to be placing the furniture in, so that you know how much you can fit. There is nothing worse than getting the set that is perfect for you home, only to find out that it is too large, or that you could have included more pieces. Be fully prepared for spring, by making sure that all of your measurements are correct. This is a great way to kick off the season in a stress-free manner.

If you would like to get ready for spring when it comes to outdoor surfaces, BuildDirect offers free samples.

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