Christmas Decorations Beyond the Norm


Christmas bauble unconventional

When you think of Christmas, there are probably a few things that immediately come to mind. The towering tree, complete with lights and ornaments. The stockings hung by the chimney with care. The green touch of garland up the staircase. The light displays outside the house. And of course, the beautifully wrapped presents that await underneath the tree!

But there are many other ways you can celebrate the upcoming season. These off-the-beaten-path ideas can turn your home into a Christmas oasis that your friends and family will be talking about all year.

Let the light shine

Many people choose to put lights outside their home to herald the holiday season. Why  not be different and put the lights inside instead, creating a blaze of Christmas glory from the inside out? String tiny white lights along the staircase to light up the way.

Put your Christmas tree right in front of the largest window and light it up when dusk comes. Place a simple electric light in each window to cast a lovely glow from every corner of the house. Not only will passersby enjoy the view, the best part is that feeling when you turn off all the other lights and let the Christmas glow warm your heart.

Christmas ornaments red and green

Look at your fabrics

Furniture is often overlooked when Christmas rolls around. Maybe you throw a holiday-themed throw over the back of the couch, but why not go further this year? Chair and sofa covers in comfortable winter colors can usher in the holiday.

Give your table holiday cheer with themed doilies or other coverings. You can even look to the curtains — why not replace them for a month or so with something plaid, in Christmas colors?

Create the ultimate fireplace

One of the biggest winter decorating areas of the house is the fireplace. Who can forget the story of Jolly Old Saint Nick  coming down the chimney to deliver presents? Spruce up your fireplace with poinsettias on each side. Brighten up the mantel with a Christmas decoration that is close to your heart.

And if you don’t have a fireplace, no worries! Invest in a small fireplace heater, one that gives you the ambiance of a burning fire with none of the mess and work. Most of these fireplace heaters come with a stay-cool top that could serve as a Christmas mantel.

Christmas mantle stockings candles

Use accents everywhere

Sometimes decorating for the holiday season is made easy with small items that you can easily remove when the festivities are over. Colorful quilts draped over chairs, couches and railings make a great way to cozy up the place — bonus points if they are in the red and green Christmas color scheme!

Replace your kitchen canisters with red ones for a temporary seasonal upgrade. Look to windowsills throughout the home to hold precious ornaments and decorations that only come out during the holiday season.

Keep the outside simple

It might be tempting to go the way of the Griswalds and light up the house so brightly that it can be seen all over the neighborhood. Avoid that temptation and keep things classy with only the basics, letting the light inside the house shine on instead.

A handsome wreath on the front door is a classic, but so is a wreath on the outside of a massive fireplace chimney. If you do use outside lights, keep it simple with white twinkling lights that stretch along a railing or eave. Some homeowners choose to turn off the larger outside lights, such as the porch light, and replace it instead with a trail of white lights that lend a soft glow as they lead visitors to your door.

Christmas wreath cinnamon sticks rustic

Remember the view

Finally, if you have a home in an area that experiencing a white Christmas, make the most of it by enhancing the view. Windows that are unadorned with curtains open up the room and let you see the beauty of the outdoors. Can’t give up curtains? Frame the windows with simple curtains that can be pushed back during the day, thus opening up the winter wonderland. Place exterior decorations where you can see them, such as that North Pole sign that points up toward the old barn.

Take your time in creating a place that fills you with the Christmas spirit, no matter where you look.

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