Christmas Eve Santa Stats: How Does He Do It?

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This is a special year for me. My nine-year old daughter recently revealed to me her disbelief in The Man In Red. I knew this day was coming. When it comes to believing in things, she relies on strict evidence these days, which is admirable. She’s a chip off of the old block.

So on the subject of hard data, and as Christmas Eve is tonight, I thought I’d present a few stats on the subject of Santa’s nightly journey. How does Santa deliver all of those toys in one night? How fast would he have to go? How many houses does he have to visit? Does wormhole technology ala Star Trek or Interstellar come into play at all? Maybe a TARDIS?

Well, here’s an infographic that might help clear up some of these burning yuletide questions. Take a look!

Supersonic Santa vs Free-falling Felix

That’s quite a list of stats!

Luckily, the imagination moves faster than the speed of light. And at this time of year, the holiday season asks us to imagine a world where peace on earth and goodwill toward all can be a reality. When it comes to believing things without evidence, surely a belief in a world like this is the best hope of all even as we struggle for peace, unity, safety, and happiness all over the world.

It’s Christmas Eve tonight! May peace and goodwill descend on your household tonight, whether you believe in Santa or not.


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