Classic Decor and Design: French Doors

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There are some interior elements that seem to be above the trends. Or, at least they are versatile enough to be incorporated into designs as things shift. I think French doors, and other kinds of double doors, are among those elements.

There is something that is dramatic about French doors. For one thing, you can make a dramatic entrance through a set of French doors. That counts for a lot. But, on a more practical level, the use of French doors between rooms, and also between interiors and exteriors, allows for the free flow of natural light. And with that, the whole atmosphere and mood of a space is changed for the better.

But, what other kinds of effects and benefits does a set of French doors lend to properties? Well, take a look at this handy-dandy graphic that outlines the charms and practicalities of this classic design element.

French_Double_Doors copy

The use of French doors in all kinds of architectural designs is proof that they carry the benefit of longevity. And in the 21st century when incorporating a lot of the textures and elements from the past along with making the most out of a space with minimal wastage, the benefits of French doors are all the more applicable. When rooms are connected visually, even if they are zoned as being separate, this makes for spaces that breathe, and ones that are unified too.

And the point about natural light has similar implications when it comes to that idea of minimizing wastage; lower energy bills. But, even beyond that, the flow of natural light in a space just makes everyone feel better, right? And with French doors, you still get that sense of separation, but the light is allowed to permeate uninterrupted. To me, this is an important means of achieving a sense of well-being in a space.

Your thoughts?

Have you got a set of French doors in your home? How do they contribute to the style and sense of well-being in your space?

What about style? Which ones do you think incorporate French doors the best?

What are some drawbacks to French doors in your experience?

Tell me all about it in the comments section of this post!



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