Classic Home Features: Screened In Porches and Pavilions

Some features and designs found in homes are classic. They transfer easily across trends and architectural eras because they hook so well into areas that never fall out of favor or fashion; comfort, and supreme practicality.

Among these are screened in porches and pavilions. These are classic features because they are so varied, and so easily integrated into all kinds of styles. As if to try to prove that point, here are some examples of what I’m talking about in this handy-dandy infographic, just in time for summer.

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BuildDirect_8screenedPorchesForSummer_v1 REVISED (1)

When all is said and done, is there a common thread to be found in these kinds of features?

Spaces as transitions, but as spaces in their own right, too

Well, I think the value of a screened in porch or pavilion really is about those things I eluded to earlier; comfort and practicality. But, I also think that their use is another great example of ways to get the most out of a property as a whole. These are spaces that are transitions from indoors to out and back again. But, they also stand as spaces that hold value of their own, easily adapted to whatever human activities an individual household would appreciate the most.

Especially in the summer!

That would be the versatility piece. But, let’s talk about comfort, especially in the summer. These kinds of spaces can allow you to spend time in the outdoor breeze, and yet out of the sun as well. In some parts of the country, this is a necessity! And when it rains, the same again. Read a book while the rain patters down while still enjoying the fresh air? Sign me up.

Find your center

That’s another thing. Screened in porches and pavilions also provide a prime location for an away space, separated from other activities of other members of the household. If you’re trying to create a place to find your center, to find a place to think or read a book, or even just a place to hang your hammock for cooler spaces to sleep in the summer, these kinds of spaces can be ideal.



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