Clean Out The Garage In 6 Easy Moves

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Garages often are clutter magnets. So, here are 6 moves to make when cleaning and organizing your garage as winter turns to spring.


Garages often become the dumping ground for anything that does not fit into the house. If this sounds like your garage, here are a few tips to help you prepare your garage for those spring and summer months.

1. Make a plan of attack

This is a crucial step in any cleaning process. While cleaning the garage may seem like a daunting task, it’s actually not so bad when you approach it with a plan! Make sure to set aside ample time. You may not be able to accomplish this in a day, so setting a weekend or two aside may be a more realistic timeframe. Also, enlisting some help is not a bad idea. Whether it be family or friends, this task can be made fun and easy with the help of good company.

2. Dispose of junk

As you gut the garage, create groups and clusters of common items such as tools, garden equipment, sporting equipment, and car-related items. Once you’ve sorted everything you want to keep, dispose of all the junk or items that you have not used for years. Some items can be donated or sold, too, so consider those options first before throwing items in the dumpster.

You can also create a group for items that need fixing and create a labeled box for you to deal with at a later date. If you find old paint, pesticides, or any other harmful chemical, make sure to check with your local sanitation department for proper disposal.

3. Clean the floors

Sweep all the dust and debris out of the garage. If the dust is just not moving, try using a sweeping compound (found at a hardware store) which has oil that helps collect dust. Once done, mix a degreasing cleaner with a bucket of hot water. Using an old mop, scrub the floor and make sure to rinse thoroughly.

If there are oil stains on the floor, apply a laundry pre-spotter and let sit for five to 10 minutes. Sprinkle with laundry detergent and scrub with a broom. Wipe up residue, rinse, and let dry.

4. Create zones for organization

From car parking to workshop space to room for storage, designating specific zones for specific items and tasks will help to organize your garage for increased efficiency. Creating these areas will help make sure that you have plenty of space for all that you want to store or accomplish.

5. Hang up your bikes

Don’t let bikes pile up in the garage when you can easily hang them. From wall bike mounts to bike hooks to a ceiling mount bike rack, all are safe and efficient ways to store bikes. Plus, hanging up bikes frees up extra storage space.

6. Organize cabinets and shelves

Garage cabinets are a great way to store items such as cleaning supplies, oils, and small tools. Wall-mounted cabinets and drawer storage cabinets are just a few of the many inexpensive options out there that can fit your storage needs.

If there isn’t enough room for cabinets in your garage, try shelves. Wall-mounted shelves, hanging overhead storage, and ceiling mounted shelves help to create a flexible and functional option for garage storage.

With this clutter-busting guide, your garage will be in tip-top shape for those warmer months ahead.


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