Cleaning Carpet and Rugs By Vacuuming and Shampooing

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Cleaning rugs and carpets for spring cleaning is something that everyone should do. The fall and winter seasons that have passed by, and it is time to spruce up the house. Depending on the type of traffic your home experiences, it is always a good idea to take care of the carpets and rugs.

There are many benefits to this, such as removing allergens or pet hair. In the end, it will make your carpeting last longer because the dirt and grime that breaks down carpet and the padding will be removed.

Cleaning carpets and rugs

Carpets have their soft layer that we walk on, but underneath they have the backing made of a flexible canvas-type material, then the padding is below that. Underneath the padding is the concrete foundation or wood flooring that the padding is adhered to with glue.

Those layers can trap all kinds of things including dirt, pet hair and dander, as well as trap things from spills or old food. All of this can create a dingy-looking floor, cause odors to be present and decrease the life of the carpet.

Carpets and rugs preparation for annual cleaning

  • Take all the furniture out of the room. This will give you a great space to work in, and allow you to clean without having to move things while you are cleaning.
  • Thoroughly dust the baseboards. This will ensure that when the whole process is done, that you won’t have instant dirt replaced back onto the carpets.
  • Complete a deep vacuuming. Going against the carpet weave to pull as much up as possible, take your time and really try to get as much dirt and surface debris collected. This will help the shampoo process because the shampooer is not picking up surface dirt, but deep-down dirt.

Shampooing carpets and rugs

If you do not own a carpet shampooer, there are many out there for rent in local hardware stores, and even large chain grocery stores. Read the users manual before beginning, and then prepare to clean your carpets and rugs. Get hot water to fill the tank, and add your cleaning solution with the recommended amount. You don’t want the carpets to have too much soap, or they can feel tacky later on.

Begin to shampoo with slow, smooth strokes against the weave of the carpet. The machine should place soap on the carpet and then suck it up through one motion. Do this two to three times, refilling when necessary. Rinsing your carpet is the next step. Getting all that soap up is an important step in making sure your carpets and rugs will look perfect for months. With just plain hot water, repeat the shampooing process until the water begins to look clear. It might not ever be totally clear, but get it so that you are not seeing the silty film on the bottom of the tank.

What shampooing does for carpeting and rugs

When you follow this process and get your carpets shampooed thoroughly on a seasonal basis, you are cleaning all the way down to that padding level. This means that all the materials collected over that period of time that is under your feet is being removed, helping to restore your carpeting and rugs to their original state.

By doing this, you will increase the life of your carpets, give you a fresh-smelling home, and brighten up the look of your decor all around. Remember though, shampooing is something that should be done no more than twice a year, as intense cleaning can actually begin to break down the carpet construction.

So have fun with this project, take your time with it, and get your flooring spring clean.

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