Clearing Out Your Closet – Creating a Wardrobe You Love

woman sorting through her wardrobe

Organizing your clothing can seem like a difficult task. But here’s how to clear it out, figure out what items work for you, and keep it clutter free!


Are your already busy mornings made even busier by having to search for your favorite sweater in your closet? Do you slam your closet door and hope everything stays in and the door doesn’t pop open? Come on – I know it’s not just me who does that so it may be time for us all to do a closet overhaul!

Make it fun

If the idea sounds daunting to you then make it fun! Invite a (ruthless) friend over to help you sort your clothes and turn on some upbeat tunes to keep you motivated. Reward yourself when you are finished – not before – with a nice dinner or a pedicure.

Take everything out

Yup, everything! Don’t try to rearrange it while it’s in there – you really need to look at and feel every piece of clothing. After you examine each item put it into one of four piles – love it and wear it often, like it but it needs some TLC, not sure about it, and why did I buy this?

Love it and wear it often

These items are easy – sort them into styles: all tops together, pants together and skirts and dresses together and put them back into your closet with each section running lightest to darkest.

Like it but it needs some TLC

Sometimes you like an item but it doesn’t quite fit you properly or it is stained or missing a button so it sits in your closet unworn. Sort these items accordingly – take the ones that don’t fit properly to a good tailor who can do amazing things to alter it to your body.

Fix those missing buttons or hems that have come down. And see to the stains – if it doesn’t come out it’s time to say goodbye.

Not sure about it

These items can be tricky. Maybe you want to wear them but have nothing to wear them with or you’re not quite sure they really suit you. Pare these down as far as you can getting rid of the ones that really make you hesitate.

Put the rest back into your closet with the hangers turned backwards. If you do wear one of these items put it back with the hanger the correct way. After 3 months check your closet for the hangers still turned backwards and get rid of these clothes – you obviously won’t wear them.

woman organizing her clothes storage space

“Why did I buy this?”

We all have some of these items that seemed like a great idea at the time but now we look at them and just shake our head. It’s time for these items to go!

Give it away

Check around in your area for places that accept gently worn clothing – thrift stores, women’s transition houses and other foundations are usually very grateful for these donations and some will even pick up from your home.

If you spent a lot of money on your clothes and would like to re-coup some of the cost try selling them online or research local consignment stores who will do the work for you for a small cut.

Resist the temptation to re-fill your closet

Don’t get yourself into the same situation of a crammed closet again. In the future buy only what you love and already fits well. You may also want to implement a ‘one in one out’ rule for your clothing – if you buy a piece of clothing you have to donate something already in there.

Enjoy your extra time in the morning!

Once your closet is organized choosing what to wear every morning will be a breeze!

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