Clocks and Home Decor: Time Flies!

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Depending upon the time of day, clocks can be your best friend or your worst enemy. When the alarm goes off far too early, or when you sleep through that alarm and wake up far too late, you might curse the clock and wish it had never been invented. On the other hand, when you wake up in the middle of the night and realize you have another four or five hours of sleep still ahead of you, the clock is suddenly your friend, and you breathe a sigh of relief and drop back into slumber. When it’s almost time for that much-anticipated date, you might look at the clock as a friend, one that is rushing you ever closer to that meeting.

Clocks in the home are often functional pieces of décor that are among the few must-haves in our homes; clocks tell you what time it is, and remind you of what you need to do. The alarm goes off when it’s time to go to work, wake the kids for school, or even get the bread out of the oven. Clocks tell you how much of the day you have left, and remind you of how quickly night is coming on.

But once you learn to embrace time and enjoy the minutes and hours, clocks can become a peaceful sort of décor addition that transforms your home with their functional, useful yet handsome façades.

As many clocks are there are seconds in the day…

Most of us are very familiar with the two main types of clocks: analog and digital. But when creating a clock of either types, the options are endless, and almost all of them can make for handsome conversation pieces.

Grandfather clocks are those massive, beautiful clocks that are seated in a wooden frame, often with pendulums or pulleys attached. Grandfather clocks can strike on the hour or half-hour, and offer a sound that is unlike any other clock you can imagine. The grand, deep and rich sound of a grandfather clock makes it a favorite for mystery stories and old houses.

Wind-up clocks

Wind-up clocks are almost just the opposite; these small, functional and sometimes even delicate clocks are those that sit on the bedside table and ring at a pre-set time. These clocks must be wound up in order to work; they don’t require batteries, which means they can be taken anywhere and always be counted as reliable – as long as you remember to wind them.

Handsome and sophisticated

But then there are the much more handsome and sophisticated clocks, those whose appearance in a home is definitely cause for a moment of admiration. Astronomical clocks, those that display information about the sun, moon and stars in addition to the time, have long been seen as a beautiful way to keep track of the world, not just the time. Pendulum clocks are those that work with the motion of a swinging weight, keeping very accurate time and providing a feast for the eyes at the same time.

Arranging clocks for style, not scheduling

Any combination of these and other clocks becomes an interesting showpiece for the home. For instance, a collection of clocks on the wall makes one pause to look at the time and makes sure they are all the same – so what a surprise if all the clocks are set to times in different parts of the world! A collection of small wind-up clocks along a bookcase can provide not only visual fun but a steady ticking that can be comforting. And old grandfather clocks or astronomical clocks can be a prized beauty all on their own.

Clocks are not just for function anymore. From tiny clocks that are worn on a necklace to massive clocks that literally cover an entire wall, clocks are a matter of home décor that are both a must-have and an attractive, fun addition. What’s not to love – at least until the alarm goes off!

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