Coffee Bar Home Decor: Ways To Caffeinate Your Space

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Coffee bar decor

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Coffee shop culture permeates the 21st Century. Kitchen decor can reflect this with a few simple additions. Here are a selection of them.


Americans drink 400 million cups of coffee every day, more than any other nation on the planet. More than three in ten of us brew a cup before we do anything else in the morning, and more than half of us say we’d rather gain 10 pounds than give up coffee.

Most of us don’t mind dropping a couple of dollars on a Starbucks grande coffee, but what if I told you the same drink at home costs just 8 cents? Those potential savings should be enough to entice you to create your own coffee bar at home.

Re-purpose vintage furniture

Your antique store, thrift shop, or favorite classifieds website is a great place for finding vintage furniture that can form the base of your coffee bar. Nearly any interesting piece with drawers and shelves, such as a vintage cart, cabinet, dresser, or bookshelf, will work well. Distress the furniture for a rustic antique look or give it a new coat of paint to bring it into the 21st century.

Make your own trivet

After taking time to create a gorgeous coffee bar, the last thing you want to do is let your coffee pot perk directly on the wood finish. Store-bought trivets are available, but when it’s so easy to make your own, why would you settle for something mass manufactured?

If you can find a vintage chair, the spindles make beautiful decorative trivet legs. If not, lengths of dowel will also work. Cut them down to the same size, attach them to a scrap of wood large enough to fit your coffee pot or machine, and you’ve got a stylish new trivet.

coffee shop kitchen

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Create a coffee cup gallery

Espresso cups and coffee mugs can be considered ceramic works of art, so they deserve better than being hidden away in a cupboard. Give them the attention they warrant with a cup gallery. Install shelves above your coffee bar and you’ve got an instant coffee cup gallery.

DIY newbies will find a modular shelving kit easy to work with, while more experienced home handymen and women can make their own shelves from reclaimed wood, tile, or metal.

Add a chalkboard

Painting a panel behind your coffee bar with chalkboard paint is a great way to personalize your space. Attach a frame and you’ve got your own chalkboard. Use your new chalkboard to write your coffee menu, leave instructions for guests who want to use the bar, or display a cute quote about coffee. Using chalkboard paint means that you can change the message as often as you change your mind.

Decorate containers

Sometimes the simplest DIY projects are the best. Instead of putting out syrup and spices in the bottles and jars they came in, empty them into containers you’ve decorated yourself. Oil and vinegar bottles are perfect for syrup, and you can find some nice spice jars on the market. Add chalkboard labels to show what’s inside your containers and you’ll have coffee additives you’ll be proud to display.

With a little time and effort, it’s easy to create your own coffee bar.




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