Color Palette of the Week: A Beach in Canada

A beach in PEI, Canada has some beautiful colors to inspire a warm, welcoming room. How can you use this color palette?


Canada isn’t known for its beaches. We’re not a tropical country. Sure, our country borders 3 oceans, but at least one of them is a frozen (if quickly thawing, sadly) wasteland populated by polar bears, seals and a few isolated military bases and Northern communities.

But on the East and West Coasts, we have the change for some beautiful beachfront vistas, even if they’re not covered in palm trees.

Would you like to see what kind of scenes we get on Canadian beaches? Have a look at this one, taken in Prince-Edward-Island.

a beach in Canada


I was instantly taken by the red soil and the green water. There’s something magical about this place, as if it had been painted by ancient spirits.

We get a warm palette that’s earthy (note the shade that’s close to Marsala, Pantone’s color of the year) and welcoming. I added a dark green in there for balance and contrast.

How can you use A Beach in Canada?

With its dark colors, this palette is better suited for well-lit, open spaces. A living room that’s focused on comfort and warmth would do very well in this palette.

Use the light tan as a base to build on. I would paint a single wall orange, for accent and contrast. The furniture and accessories can be an eclectic mix of all the colors, but do remember to add a bit of green to balance the whole so it doesn’t look like you’re living in an erupting volcano.

I can also see an inviting dining room in these colors. Dark red furniture with lighter walls and decor would make for a great place to host dinner parties.

What’s your take?

This Canadian beach has great colors to inspire you. I definitely felt the muse. How about you? Do you feel the beauty of this landscape? Would you use it in your home?

Let me know in the comments!

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