Color Palette of the Week: A Day in London

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This week’s palette is a mix of greys, browns and reds to capture the essence of the British metropolis in color.


As a student of British literature, I’ve always wanted to visit London. I want to see the homes of famous writers and sit in the British Museum reading room. I want to take a ride in a double-decker and mess with the guards outside Westminster. (Okay, not mess with them, but maybe take a picture or something.)

This is why this photo appealed to me instantly: it contains pretty much everything awesome about London.


London color palette of the week

In this photo, you get the grey rain clouds, a cute 50s British car, a double-decker bus, and of course Big Ben and Westminster.

And the color palette taken from this photo tries to capture the essence of this city: the grey skies, the brown Neo-Gothic buildings, and the red buses.

What we have as a result is a mostly muted color palette with one bright red that’s almost orange.

Using “A Day In London”

Using this color palette is easier than it seems. Some people might be put off by the contrast between the last red and all the other colors, but I actually think it’s the perfect way to feature this single bright shade. The other colors can be used as a base to highlight one feature piece or accessory in the last red.

This palette could suit a variety of rooms, but I’m mostly thinking of a living room here. Using the neutral grey and brown as the first layer, you can then add on the blues and reds as you add elements and accessories. The bright red could be featured on cushions, as a bright bouquet of flowers in the middle of the room, or as a poster placed conspicuously on a wall.

A masculine/neutral bedroom would also do great in this palette. I would keep it light on the bright red because it can make you aggressive and keep you awake, but a few touches here and there can give any bedroom a little interesting pop.

Does this palette make you want to book a flight to Heathrow? Do you feel like it accurately captures the essence of London? Let me know in the comments!



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