Color Palette of the Week: A Harvest Of Leaves

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It’s been fall for a while, but the season is just wrapping up here BC. We’ve had an unusual amount of sun for November, and with sun comes amazing vistas filled with fall colors. Red is a favorite among Victoria trees.

These colors inspired me to do a fall-themed palette that is filled with warm, surprisingly sunny shades.

color palette of the week dry leaves thumb

Who can resist this beautiful mix of purple, red, orange and yellow? It’s simply too gorgeous too ignore.

I love this palette because it pairs warm and cool shades together. I love this palette because it brings the best of fall all in one package. I love this palette because it has red (my weakness) and because it’s inspiring and activating.

I like this palette for pretty much every reason ever.

Where can I use “A Harvest of Leaves”?

The first place I would use this palette is in a home office. The yellow, orange and red are linked to activity, creativity and passion. The burgundy and purple tame and balance what could be an overwhelmingly sunny palette into a glorious homage to that most nostalgic of seasons.

It would also make a perfect temporary palette for your Thanksgiving dinner. A purple table runner with accessories and decorations in the other colors will have the perfect Thanksgiving effect on your guests (and you’ll surely receive compliments for your ability to coordinate beautiful shades!).

A living room would do well in these shades, especially if you use orange and yellow only sparingly. I’d use the purple and burgundy as bases and use accessories, patterns and small decor elements in the warm shades to avoid a too “activating” feeling to a room that’s supposed to be about relaxation.

How would you use this palette?

Now it’s your turn to imagine yourself decorator! Is there anywhere else you would use this palette? What are your favourite shades? Let us know in the comments!

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