Color Palette of the Week: A Rainy Day

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A rainy day at the beach inspires this moody, neutral grey color palette with a hint of feminine shades. Here’s how to precipitously add it to your home decor


When the weather turns in the Pacific Northwest, you can feel it in your bones. The sky suddenly turns a dull shade of grey-white, and there’s not a single ray of sun in sight. It might not rain yet, but the clouds are full of the promise of winter weather.

Fall in Victoria makes me feel nostalgic, makes me want to curl up in my favourite sweatpants and drink tea and read romance novels. The sadness of the rain is perfect for reconnecting with our darker emotions, or simply to lie down in bed, warm and cozy, and daydream of summers past.

If you like the smell and feeling of rainy days, I’ve got the perfect palette for you this week.

rainy day color palette

In my effort to provide you with more neutral palettes, here’s my most recent offering: this beautiful subdued, grey-heavy palette with a tiny bit of pastel color for a feminine touch.

Using the “Rainy Day” Palette


Rainy day is the perfect color palette that adapts to any room. The first place I would see it is in the bathroom or powder room. The grey keeps it neutral, while the cool undertones of the greys match the function of a bathroom. Add a bit of minty blue and dusty rose for accent, and you make it a nice feminine space perfect for preparing before a night out.

Living Room

In the living room, this palette works as a neutral base that’s great for building a welcoming family room. The greys don’t bring attention to themselves too much, and you can use the two pastel colors as small accents on throws, cushions and accessories.


I actually quite like grey bedrooms. They are moody and sensual. I would keep this palette for a large bedroom, since the greys will make it shrink a little. Use the dusty rose on the ceiling for a hint of sunshine in the dark, and stick with neutral bedding with maybe just a hint of minty blue.

Singing in the Rain

This palette is certainly one to try and discover where gray fits in your home. Does it bring up any interesting ideas for you?

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Anabelle Bernard Fournier

Anabelle is a freelance writer, writing teacher and blogger. She spends a lot of time at home, so she likes to make sure that it's cozy and nice, especially in her reading nook. In her free time, Anabelle knits, walks and learns how to write stories.