Color Palette of the Week: Aurora

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The gorgeous northern lights phenomenon lend beautiful yet subdued colors to work with this week. Here’s how this magnetic combo can light up your space.


For lovers of northern lights, 2015 has been quite an interesting year. The ones in late June could be seen much farther south than is usual because of the size of the solar eruption happening at that time. Wherever and whenever they appear, northern lights fascinate and amaze.

Many Northern cultures have beliefs and myths about the aurora borealis. From the reflection of the shields of Valkyries going to Valhalla for the Norse, to an omen of good life and fortune to children conceived under them for the Japanese and Chinese, there are plenty of stories to be heard about the significance of this beautiful natural phenomenon.

But even if you’re not into mythology, there’s still a lot to appreciate about this fantastic event, especially if you like color… like me.

color palette aurora

Oh my, what a beautiful set of blue, green and purple. The palette turns out to be a subdued yet colorful set of shades, perfect for those who prefer cool colors but like a little warmth in it too.

Using “Aurora”

Because of its balance, Aurora can be used in many parts of the house. However, I would easily see it as a beautiful palette for a bedroom or a living room.

Teal is a pretty popular shade right now, and many trendy bedrooms are using it as their main color. But teal can get… watery, and so adding the acid green, night blue and soft purples gives teal more balance and softness. Together, they definitely work towards the feminine side; a more masculine bedroom would focus on the blue and greens and leave the purples behind.

A living room in these shades is definitely colorful, yet comfortable. None of the colors pop very loudly, so it’s the perfect palette to practice your blending skills. Can you work purple and blue effortlessly among the green? This is a living inspired by the beauty of the night sky, a perfect space to relax, read and meditate on the mysteries of nature.

Beautiful lights

I love this palette very much. It reminds me of the night sky, of all our work as humans to understand our place in the universe. It’s also full of trendy shades, especially blue and teal, so you can use this one with no fear of being unfashionable.

How do you like this subdued yet colorful palette? Let us know in the comments!


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