Color Palette of the Week: Bamboo Grove

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Bamboo groves look different from North American forests. Have a look at the colors of this one! Where would this color palette work in your space?


Did you know that bamboo is one of the most sustainable building materials in the world? Certain types of bamboo can grow two feet every day, and countries all over Asia have been using it as a construction material for hundreds of years.

Bamboo forests can seem quite magical to those who aren’t used to them. The tall, straight stalks let in the light in a way that we don’t really see in our North American forests.

Green isn’t among my favourite colors (as you might have noticed after quite a few of these), but I thought it must be some other peoples’ favourite color, so I used this photo of a Japanese bamboo grove to make a nice green palette.

bamboo grove

This palette definitely screams “spring”, with its variety of greens and blue-greens. You get a good balance that’s not too cool, not too warm. It’s at once sunny and mysterious, as if you were walking deeper and deeper into the woods.

How to use Bamboo Grove

Lovers of greens would agree: this is perfect for a kitchen, a living room or a bedroom. You know how I love green kitchens; they’re organic, earthy and full of joy. I love cooking in a kitchen that reminds me of the outdoors. I’d use the baby green for the walls, but that’s just because I’m all about statement paint!

If you were going to use this in the living room, I would make sure to add one or two warm colors like orange or red just to offset the monochrome feel a little bit.

Is green your thing?

How about you? Does this bamboo grove make you want to add green into your home? Let me know in the comments!


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