Color Palette of the Week: Berry Beautiful

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See the colors of summer reflected in your decor with this berry-inspired palette. How can you use this color spectrum to plan a design around?


Fresh berries are my favourite part of summer. I literally can’t get enough of raspberries and blackberries to make pies, cakes, crumbles and, of course, just to eat them fresh with a little sugar and cream.

summer berries

Berries feature some of the nicest colors in nature; they are tasty little jewels that we can use to inspire a fresh, summery color palette.

This fresh plate of berries has plenty of color, with red as the brightest. I chose a wide range of shades that balance cool and warm, muted and bright, and dark and light.

Using “Berry Beautiful”

Berry Beautiful is not for the timid, especially with the bright red being such an important part of it. I personally love red, and I would dare this palette, but there are ways to do it without making your house look like a giant strawberry.

The pale blue is a great neutral/masculine shade to begin with as your base layer. This color is adaptable and features in lots of great rooms, from living rooms to bedrooms.

Use the other shades as accents and smaller decor elements. Bright red cushions on a neutral beige couch, for example, bring a nice touch of festive color to the living room. It’s easy to find furniture in shades close to the darker reds–I personally have a weakness for red woods. I think they are sophisticated and luxurious.

As for the dark blue-black at the bottom? It’s actually possible to decorate well with black, and this particular shade is just a tad less stark. Use it with the other blues and a bit of burgundy as a contrast, and you’ve got a nice sophisticated decor for a kitchen or a modern bedroom.


These colors make me want to bite in a fresh picked strawberry. How about you? What does this palette inspire? Let us know in the comments!

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