Color Palette of the Week: Bird Town

A bunch of bright bird houses are the inspiration for this week’s color palette.


I’ve never been much of a bird observer. Maybe it’s on account of my bad eyesight and the discomfort of binoculars when wearing glasses. (I wear seriously thick lenses.)

But I do love their sound. They are nature’s musicians, each bird an instrument, each tree an orchestra. So it’s no wonder that humanity has found ways to attract birds. Maybe it’s also because they sometimes eat insects, but that’s another story.

This week’s color based is based on a picture of some colorful bird houses:

bird town color palette

This palette is filled with bright and joyful colors… a bit like bird themselves. There’s a neutral shade to help with balance, and a good mix of warm and cold, of bright and pastel.

It might seem discordant on the photo, but I can easily imagine it working well in a room.

How can I use Bird Town?

This palette can be used in rooms that need a dash of joy. The childrens’ play room, for example would be perfect for this palette. The colors are bright and easy to differentiate, which makes it easier for children to identify.

But it’s not all childish. An room for adults can also do well with these colors. A colorful living room with eclectic accessories could be great. A pink velvet Victorian-style couch, along with some blue armchairs and a red poof.

This palette also fit a French-style kitchen, with all the bright colors. Use the neutral as a base, and then add the colors using fabrics, decorative tableware and other kitchen decor elements.

This palette is for the bold and the daring. It’s a happy set of colors that suits the young, or the young at heart!

Are you moving in?

Would you use this palette anywhere in your home? Where in your house could you use more joy, more happiness? Let us know in the comments!

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