Color Palette of the Week: Blues Song

A bird sings its song, and everyone’s listening. Nature hushes to let the warbles and ticks fill the forest air, and even the wind holds its breath.

What kind of song does this bird sing?

Blues Song

I imagine this bird would sing the blues… because its own blues are so striking. From a deep blue-black to bright oceanic turquoise, this bird can totally sing the blues. Throw in a bit of yellow, and you have a nice monochromatic palette with a single contrasting color for visual interest.

How can I use “blues song”?

I imagine this palette would do very well in a bathroom because of the water-related colors. Blue is known to be a calming, relaxing shade, so you want to use it in spaces where you normally would relax: bathrooms, meditation rooms, maybe even a living room. And don’t worry: the bright sunny yellow will easily counteract blue’s tendency to become depressing if used too much.

This palette could easily appear on a fabric’s pattern, in a custom mosaic tile backsplash, wall or floor, or even as colored accessories among a neutrally-colored room. I think this palette is really flexible if you play around with the main and accent colors–use more yellow and you have something more joyful; use the brightest blue and you have something perfect for a child’s playroom.

No matter how you use this palette, it’ll certainly make you sing for its blues!

What do you think of these colors? How would you balance the powerful blue?

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