Color Palette of the Week: Blush

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This week’s color palette expands on the blush trend currently washing over the décor world. How do you think you could use it in your space?


It’s the “it” color of the season, the most coveted shade of the spring. Blush: a little bit of pink, but not cotton candy pink. Blush is a more refined version of pink, with a little more panache and elegance.

Of course, this palette calls on my love of everything red, but I think you’ll like this one very much.

color palette of the week blush

This macro shot of a cushion provided me with the best base to build this trendy palette. It’s monochromatic, but you can use it on a base of white. It’s this summer’s hottest trend!

Using blush

As a monochromatic palette, Blush is fairly easy to use. There’s no wondering which colors work with which; everything matches perfectly. Do you prefer the pale or darker shades? I’m a fan of the top 3, but adding some darker shades for accent and interest will make your décor more interesting.

This is the perfect palette for today’s trendy living room. The softness of the colors make it definitely feminine. I’ve seen this palette used successfully with plenty of white: blush cushions on white couches, blush drapes over a white wall. Keep the textures and the shapes gender-neutral if you don’t want your living room to turn into a princess dream.

In the kitchen or bedroom

I think a blush kitchen would be a bold move. All you need is a mostly white kitchen, and you can add accents in blush: a blush mosaic backsplash, some bar stools or chairs in the darker color, and even a heirloom tablecloth for your table.

In the bedroom, this is also quite a feminine shade, so perfect for the young single woman. As with the living room, don’t use feminine patterns and textures (stick to simple geometrical shades) to avoid the girly effect.

Are you blushing with envy?

I definitely love this palette, and if I had any budget to decorate right now, these are the colors I would go for. They are more sophisticated and less girly than pink, yet still have that feminine touch that make a room instantly inviting and comfortable.

How about you? Are you a fan of this color trend, or would you rather pass? Let us know in the comments!

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