Color Palette of the Week: Bright Aster

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Bring fall into your home with this beautiful autumn-themed palette based on September’s birth flower. Could it grow on you? How might you use it in your space?


The coming of autumn doesn’t mean the end of flowers and color. In fact, when the days of summer shorten and cool down, there’s a whole new host of colors that come–and not only from the changing leaves. Fall flowers, like the humble aster, still have plenty to offer, color-wise. Autumn is actually my favourite season, and I love to see nature hanging on to its summer beauty and transform it in the fiery glory of red and orange trees.

Asters are cute little flowers with well-defined petals and a yellow-orange heart. They bloom in the fall, and they are actually September’s birth flower. Asters bloom in colors that range from pale blue to purple. I chose these pale purple flowers for this week’s color palette.

bright aster color palette


These colors make an interesting palette, with bright and colorful purples contrasted with a dark burgundy (fall color par excellence) and more muted yellows taken from the heart. Although it might seem a bit strange to put these colors together, I think you have to give it a chance. Let’s see how we can make these work in the home.

Using Bright Aster

This palette calls for a room designed for hospitality: living room, kitchen, dining room. The oranges instantly recall the warmth of a fire or of a fall sweater, and the purples bring a touch of femininity and luxury. Burgundy reminds me of ripe grapes and delicious dark red wine.

In the living room, this palette brings up an interesting contrast between femininity and comfort. By bringing in burgundy and burnt yellow, you avoid the “dainty” impression of too much purple. I think this palette calls for a balance between the shades by avoiding focusing on any of them too much. Using burgundy as an accent color–a molding, a recurring accessory or rugs, for example–will bring it all together.

A kitchen in these colors would also work well, I think. The bottom three shades are definitely food-friendly, autumn-themed colors (wine, squash, pumpkin), and adding a little bit of purple will lighten up the mood. Try a tile backsplash in a mix of purple and yellow and burgundy-colored cupboards and islands.

It’s fall all right

This is a nice autumn color palette for all the fall lovers out there. It strikes a good balance between warm and cool, feminine and masculine. How about you? What does this palette bring up in your mind? How would you use it? Share your ideas with us!

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