Color Palette of the Week: Bright Bird

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It’s amazing how nature is really at the heart of the most beautiful things we can find on this planet. Birds are one of these most beautiful things. I remember a blue jay hanging on my front lawn when I was a child, and being fascinated by its beautiful colors.

This is what I thought of this photo when I saw it:

bright bird

I don’t know what this bird is, but it sure has some gorgeous colors. I love how they already make a palette of their own without much work from me. It’s like Mother Nature used the bird as a mixing palette, and just left the colors there for the bird to enjoy.

How can I use “bright bird”?

This definitely cool palette is perfect for a bathroom. The turquoise shades remind you of a beautiful day on the ocean, while the greens give a touch of warmth and remind you of palm trees and beachside grasses.

Use the darkest blue as a simple accent, maybe mixed in the mosaic tiles on the walls or floor. A mix of blue and green towels would give a nice finish to this bathroom decor.

These colors could also be suited to a bedroom, if predominance is given to green and not blue. I think these shades would suit a guest bedroom rather well, making guests feel instantly at home surrounded by shades inspired from the beach.

What do you think? Where else would you use this palette?

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Anabelle Bernard Fournier

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