Color Palette Of the Week: Busted

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The woods hold such mystery and beauty. Many fairy tales have woods (enchanted or otherwise) where characters get lost or face the villain of the story.

Taking a simple walk through a wooded area is perfect for relaxing and finding peace among nature. But sometimes, woods hold special treasures that surprise even the most seasoned hikers. This week’s photo shows that we can find the most unexpected things in the middle of the forest.

The photo

Imagine you’re taking a walk in a quite wild part of the country… and then you (or Nicholas A. Tonelli at least) find this.

Broken Bus in Forest

This surprising find along a ravine could fuel a novel for someone with a good imagination. I was struck with how quickly nature takes over whatever we humans decide to build and throw around the ground.

I love the rich greens here, with the two-color bus breaking the landscape. The color effect is striking yet it seems to work so well together.

The palette

Busted palette

Don’t let it give you a Christmas impression. It’s more orange than red, and the variety of greens don’t quite match with that of a Christmas tree.

This seems like a perfect color scheme for a kitchen. The organic greens definitely remind us of summer foliage, while the orange and off-white add a little pop for some visual interest. I see a two-tone painting job with the first green at the bottom and the white at the top, accented with bright green cupboards and a dark green and orange mosaic backsplash. Add some rustic furniture painted in the shade of white, and you have a homey space to cook delicious food.

Your impressions?

What do you like about this palette? Any other room you would use it in?


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