Color Palette of the Week: Camouflage

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Animals know where to go to hide from all kinds of things: predators, too much sun, humans. But smart animal observers can find them in the most interesting of places if they know how and where to look.

This week’s color palette is based on a gorgeous photo of a hare in a rocky cache. I was mostly intrigued by the colors in the rock and how the hare’s greenish fur fit really well in the whole.



What you get from this picture is a pink-and-green camo-style palette that’s neutral, versatile and useable in any part of the home.

How can I use this palette?

As I said, this is a very versatile neutral palette that would work pretty much anywhere. Although it tends towards the warm side of things, the cool grey provides a welcome balance. In a kitchen, this would mean stainless appliances with interesting colorwork in the backsplash tile, or even pink marble countertops with green cupboards.

A living room in these shades would be welcoming and accessible, not too feminine or masculine. Choose seating in a green or green-patterned fabric, add some grey and pink accessories, and keep the rest of the furniture close to that shade of yellow.

The neutral palette would also work well for a guest bedroom. The modern yet subdued colors would help keep the bedroom comfortable and not too gender-focused either.

All in all, this is a great general-purpose neutral palette with a hint of color that could do well in any part of the home.

Would you use these colors in your home or are these a little bit too ordinary for your taste? 

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