Color Palette of the Week: Casablanca Mosaic

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A bold outdoor mosaic gives us this week’s bright, show-stopping color palette. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful home decor friendship for you?


Traveling the world is one of the best ways to grow and learn as a human being. Each culture is so different and filled with new things to discover: how people decorate their homes, inside and out, is one of them. One day I’ll go on a world tour of home decor just to see how different peoples around the world like to arrange their home!

But for now, I have to satisfy myself with pictures taken by other people. This week, I found this gorgeous photo of a beautiful outdoor mosaic in Casablanca. The colors hooked me right away–there’s something bold about these patterns and colors that I just needed to look at.


casablanca mosaic color palette

How gorgeous is this? A few simple shades of yellow, orange and purple make this beautifully bright, show-stopping mosaic. And the color palette itself turned out really well; orange and purple work particularly well together.

Using Casablanca Mosaic

This palette is bright, colorful and summery. There’s a good balance between warm and cool, meaning that you can lean on your preferred temperature for the base color of your room. I personally am in love with the two orange shades.

This palette would be great for an eclectic, exotic living room. I see an opulent space with plenty of accessories and art; I don’t feel this palette fits a minimalist style. Be bold and add all the cushions and throws you like!

Used wisely, I think this would be great for a kitchen as well. The earthiness of the orange shades is really inspiring for cooking, and you can use purple as an accent, maybe on your backsplash mosaic mixed in with yellow and orange.

Exotic and bold

This palette definitely has an exotic feel that expresses a certain boldness. If you like to decorate to the max, I would certainly consider this palette as a creative base for your new redesign. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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